FSBO Listing?

Are you trying to list your home without paying realtor fees. Be sure how much your property is worth, and be sure how much you should list for. These are not actually the same, and will keep you from losing money and or being on the market too long.

WholeSale Check

Whole sale’s are very popular here in the Houston area. With every bit of demand and less regulation than on HAR MLS these listings can be asking for much more than you should be paying, get an appraisal and make sure it’s worth what they are asking first.

Who I am to the industry

When your Houston area real estate appraisal has to be done quickly for your borrower, professionally and accurately for your underwriter, and be marketable to every lender in the country, let Trombly Appraisal LLC show you what your property is worth in the market.

Whatever your Houston area real estate appraisal needs might be, William Trombly can be of service. I perform appraisals for  mortgage loans, real estate appraisals for developers, builders, and rehabbers, retrospective appraisals, and finding the accurate price to list your property at. 



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How does this add value to your property?

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Does your property have MPR items?


What is functional utility and how does it affect you?

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Important:Was your home built prior to 1978?

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Wondering if that new pool will add value to your home, and if so how much?
You may have an investment property and want a list of repair recommendations that are in accordance with FHA guidelines to make your property more marketable.

Is your home built prior to 1978, is there chipping and peeling paint?

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William Trombly Licensed Appraiser

Hello and thank you for visiting,
Your local Army veteran originally from Upstate New York, I received my honorable discharge in 2010 because I knew it was a good economy here in Houston back then, and obviously it was a good move. I have experience working with wholesalers and investors here in Houston, from getting projects started for developers, working as a project manager for a builder, to rehabbing properties across the country. Currently my passion is to appraise homes and I do not personally invest. There is a serious need for appraisals in and outside of the mortgage industry, and that’s why we are here today. How can I help you?

I am a state licensed and insured appraiser providing appraisals on Houston and Surrounding Residential Real Estate. Specializing in investment and REO properties, I perform a trade that is in high demand with accuracy and professionalism tailored specifically to my clients needs while being in accordance with USPAP and above all else, establishing your trust.

I cover your new construction appraisals for construction financing, all the way down to your one time close consumer purchase. Detailed improvement analysis covers all of your finishes, quality of improvements, and design going into the appraisal, not just square footage.

Everything from new construction to rehab properties that have functional issues that require an unbiased opinion to decide how this affects your properties value, I can get it done for you.

Lowering your monthly mortgage payment by removing PMI
Divorce settlements requiring an accurate value is needed for a shared property
Challenging a home’s assessed value with local tax authorities
Listing Purposes
Retrospective appraisals especially in accordance with estate planning
Determining market value on real estate involved in a bankruptcy
Loan originators and investors looking for an experience Harris County Appraiser
Reviewing the work of other appraisers
Asset Valuation
An accurate floor-plan sketch and appraiser qualified estimate of a home’s gross living area.
Increasing your Home Equity Line of Credit